Afeef  Nessouli, Segment Producer, on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (2018) Photo Credit: Sean Gall

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Portfolio @Afeefness

Portfolio @Afeefness

Portfolio @AfeefnessPortfolio @AfeefnessPortfolio @Afeefness

Afeef Nessouli, Segment Producer, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (2018) 

Photo: Sean Gallagher| @imseangallgher

Portfolio Overview

Anthony Bourdain opened up about traveling, Trump, and the #MeToo movement.

Producer: Guest Interviews

Afeef's portfolio includes hundreds of produced video segments of interviews with politicians, actors, activists, authors and more. 

Africa, Parliament, Politics, Funny, comedy, news, international, foreign, late night, producer

Producer: News Segments

Afeef's portfolio includes videos produced for headlines about politics, racism, international affairs, and pop culture.

CNN, News, International, Fareed Zakaria, Iraq, oil, ISIS, Terrorism, Islam, Muslim, Bush, War

Journalist: Writing + Field Work

Afeef has written articles about Iraq's oil issues for Fareed Zakaria's CNN blog, ex-jihadis for Dawn Newspaper in Pakistan, and various pieces for the CNN New York Bureau.


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