About Afeef Nessouli

Work Background

Afeef Nessouli is a freelance journalist in Beirut and New York City, and recently won the Google Podcasts creator program's global competition. His Arabic language podcast focuses on the feminine undercurrent in the Middle East as related to characters pushing the Arab patriarchy. Sister social workers preventing Islamist terrorism networks and the LGBTQ+ revolution in the Middle East is starting with bold drag queens, lesbian leaders and trans-influencers. Afeef was a segment producer for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah for 2+ years. He also helped Hasan Minhaj on supplemental news segments for his stand-up focusing on the Middle East, Islam and American politics. Before that, Afeef freelanced at the CNN New York bureau for 2 years. He was a News Assistant, a Production Assistant and an Associate Producer for the New York desk, Erin Burnett OutFront, Don Lemon and Fareed Zakaria's GPS. He has freelanced with VICE News and NowThisNews as well. Before producing news, Afeef was a legal advisor to Jimmy Carter's Syrian conflict resolution team in Oslo and the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur for the Committee Against Torture in Geneva.