Lebanon in revolt

Lebanon in Revolt: Day 3


October 2019: Last week fires ripped throughout Lebanon and the government failed to act quickly or appropriately, the economy has tanked with little employment or even gas or wheat for the people in the last many months and, lastly, a few weeks ago, the PM allegedly was found to have given a South African supermodel 16 million USD. In the context of these problems austerity seems to be one more measure of government abuse. Now, the people demand everyone to step down!

Lebanon in Revolt: Day 4


The Lebanese have learned to organize and come together to make the best of the situation. They are not going anywhere until they get what they want: A stop to the corrupt system. On day 4, people are dancing dabke, filling abandoned buildings they were once disallowed from entering and reclaiming what it is to be Lebanese.

The Lebanese on their own Revolution


For this video, I wanted to ask the Lebanese to speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy this and I hope their words impact what you understand about their October 2019 Revolution. Getting out and talking to the people in English and Arabic and using subtitles is how we move information from one bubble to the next.

Revolting with Doctor Baba


I went with my personal expert on all things Lebanon, and together we revolted. He gave a sound analysis on the economic situation and I was all the more knowledgable for interviewing him on his country. A little Revolution alongside @Dr.Babaness aka my dad.


Ethiopian Migrant Worker Saving Slaves

Hey guys. On this Afeefness, @rheyzin and I met up with Ana to record for our podcast with the Googl

Rhea and I met up with Ana to record for our podcast with the Google Podcasts creator program and @PRX. Ana runs a restaurant on the East side of Beirut that serves Ethiopian cuisine. She used to be a live-in maid who moved to Lebanon to find steady work. She eventually started managing and cooking for a restaurant with an older Lebanese man. The space they created doesn’t only give Ethiopian migrant working women a taste of home, it is often a place they seek refuge from indentured servitude and slavery...

Extremist families in the Bekaa Valley

That is the voice of @NancyYammout of Rescue Me NGO. I went with Rescue Me NGO and @Reyzin to the Be

That is the voice of Nancy Yammout of Rescue Me NGO. I went with Rescue Me NGO and Rhea to the Bekaa Valley- which is near the Syrian border- to interview families of people held in prison charged with Islamist extremism. The lines of which groups they claim are so blurry they can switch, or they also might not tell us the whole truth about their affiliation. A lot of the problems are the same as in Saida and Tripoli, other strongholds of ISIS, Nusra, Al Qaeda and more localized groups...

Tante Talks (Auntie Talks) with Beirut Drag Queens


Here, the #dragqueen community puts on what they call "Tante Talks" or (Auntie Talks in English) to discuss the road that got them to this stage. It is usually mostly in #Arabic which makes it that much more impactful. In my opinion, gathering a community to get “real” about the issues facing it is the very BEST way forward. Grassroots organizing has been effective because one #lesbian woman has been leading the charge and doing it with a consortium of #queens she has been mentoring for years...

Malaak NGO a place where Syrian kids can go


It is hard to go from middle class to refugee. Ask Farooq and his wife, the couple in the video who let me tape inside their room. They showed us pictures of their once big house in Syria now in rubble. Most of the people @MalaakNGO and @Asmaabuizzeddin help come from Homs, Syria...

Female Victims of ISIS: Trauma Rehab


It feels like I’m taking up residence in Hay al-Gharbe, a slum in Beirut with undercover cells of Islamist extremists and Syrian refugees alike. While some of the residents here were held captive in Syria and tortured for years under ISIS, their neighbors can sometimes be secret supporters of the group...

The Prisoners of Abra Saida's Mom's

Today, I came to a protest in Saida, #Lebanon with sister social workers who run an NGO called Rescu

Today, I came to a protest in Saida, #Lebanon with sister social workers who run an NGO called Rescue Me - Crime Prevention. The protest is for Ahl A7dass Abra which consists of a lot of mothers and wives of men held in Roumieh prison for terror charges. These women protest the lack of due process and claim their loved ones are innocent. Obviously this isn’t always true and these men go in quite religiously charged, already angry at the system and come out of prison (lack of evidence or due process issues) even more committed to the Sunni extremist model because of #ISIS, Nusra and Qaeda being in the same cells. 

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