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The Daily Show: Interview with Former DPRK Ambassador Christopher Hill

North Korea, DPRK, Christopher Hill, Foreign, International, politics, war, nuclear, ambassador,

The Daily Show (09/17): Former Ambassador Christopher Hill breaks down why North Korea's Kim Jong-un is amassing nuclear weapons and discusses President Trump's approach to handling the crisis.

The Daily Show: "Muslims Get Out!"

Islam, Muslim, racism, islamophobia, prejudice, daily show, small town, ice cream, ISIS, Terrorism

The Daily Show (09/16): The owner of an ice cream shop in Minnesota draws protests after displaying a sign that reads "Muslims Get Out.

Former Kuwaiti MP Rola Dashti Interview - "Once and For All" Documentary

Kuwait, Women's rights, Role Dashti, Islam, Muslim, Politics, woman, Women, Female, Feminism, Makers

MAKERS (09/15): Rola Dashti discusses her experiences at the Beijing UN Conference on Women in 1995, which was the world's largest international gathering of women.

CNN Fareed Zakaria's GPS: Rotting Rubbish in Lebanon

Lebanon, trash, garbage, Middle East, mean, Fareed Zakaria, Cnn, politics, government, war, rubbish

CNN (08/15): Lebanon is overflowing with trash, but political infighting keeps a solution at bay.

Hasan Minhaj Stand-Up

Hasan Minhaj, patriot act, muslim, islam, comedy, funny, jokes, terrorism, American, Netflix, show

Hasan Minhaj (1/18) on tour in preparation for his Netflix series "Patriot Act." Afeef helped produce news clips to supplement jokes surrounding Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) policies and concepts related to Muslim American politics.

The Daily Show Goes Live for Presidential Debates

trump, Clinton, debate, presidential, president, election, daily show, cnn, republican, democrat

TDS (2016) went live for presidential debates, and Afeef was a producer on various live episodes.


Profile in Pakistan: Ex-Jihadi Turned Comic Book Activist


Can Iraq Meet its Oil Potential?

oil, iraq, Baath, Saddam, isis, energy, resources, ISIS, terror, money, business, trade

Upstate N.Y. mayor proposes nation's first drug injection centers

Heroin, drugs, New York, Ithaca, life, addiction, opioids, injection, drogues, government,

Families Accuse Officials of Negligence in Latest Lawsuit on Flint Water Crisis

Flint, water, corruption, crisis, Michigan, families, lawsuit, cnn, dirty, lead, poison, negligence

Flint Mayor Says $55 Million Needed to Replace Lead Pipes

flint, mayor, millions, replace, lead, pipes, dirty, poison, crisis, Michigan, America, cnn, news

Michigan Man Accused of Child Porn, Sex Trafficking

Michigan, child, porn, pornography, sex, sexual, illicit, illegal, criminal, crime, trafficking

Featured Legal and Foreign policy analysis

Afeef has also drafted memorandums as a legal consultant for the UN Committee Against Torture and Jimmy Carter's Syrian conflict resolution team along with other foreign policy analysis.

Applying the Law of War: At Which Point Did Syria Become a Civil War? (pdf)


Jimmy Carter Foundation: Syria Countrywide Conflict Report (pdf)


Elite Induced Civil Conflict: Lebanon vs. Tajikistan (doc)


UN OHCHR Comm. Against Torture, Country Review: Sri Lanka (pdf)